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Sponsored Books

With government, research institutes and business funding and an editorial advisory committee representing the leaders of industry, sponsored books are a key marketing document and provides an extra layer of credibility in the competitive global markets.

Australia Open - Cover - CL Creations_edited.jpg

The Official
Australian Open Book

100 years of the on and off court events and the dramas of the Australian Open.

Principal sponsor: KIA


Australia a Gourmets Paradise - cover - CL Creations.jpg

A Gourmet's Paradise

Discover Australia’s dramatic landscapes and unexpected gastronomic delights.

Principal sponsor: AMEX


Ground Rules - Cover -CL Creations.jpg

Ground Rules
A History Test Cricket

A comprehensive and stunningly illustrated history of Test Cricket since its birth in 1877.

Principal sponsor: CitiBank



Building Materials

Written by thirty-five of Australia’s world-leading practitioners of sustainable design and building.


Principal sponsors: Brickworks, CSR, Knauff

Biomedical Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Innovation - Australias Opportunities - cover

Biomedical, Biotechnology
& Pharmaceutical Innovation

Launched at BIO 2000 in Boston to promote Australia’s medical research and technology capabilities.

Principal sponsors:

CSL and the Queensland Government

Second edition: ASX


Water Innovation - A new era for Australia - cover - CL Creations.jpg

Water Innovation
A new era for Australia

Australian achievements in urban water, rivers and catchments and irrigation resource management.

Principal sponsors: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, CSIRO and industry


Sustainable Energy Innovation - A new era for Australia - cover - CL Creations.jpg

Energy Innovation

Australia’s expertise and the projects, technologies and businesses in renewable energy.

Principal sponsors:

ITS Australia, Qld Government, Department of Energy and industry


Towards a Sustainable Future - People Planet Profit - cover - CL Creations.jpg

Towards a
Sustainable Future

Profiles the corporations and the not-for profit sector that are leaving a positive legacy.

Principal sponsors:

BHP and ANZ Bank


Transport Innovation - A new era for Australia - cover - CL Creations.jpg

Transport Innovation
A new era for Australia

Launched at the ITS Congress 2005 in Las Vegas, to showcase Australia’s intelligent transport technologies.

Principal sponsors:

ITS Australia, Australian and State Governments

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