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Lavish Books

CL Creations produces superbly crafted and lavishly designed special edition books combining a delicate blend of creative talent, superbly written content and high-quality production.


Great, Grand &
Famous Hotels

A luxurious compendium for the discerning traveller, from unexpected ownership, major events and changes to lavish renovations.



Great, Grand &
Famous Chefs

Chronicles the evolution of haute cuisine and why the world’s greatest chefs are considered indisputable masters of culinary artform.


Champagne 3D_edited.png

Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes

How did a bubbly beverage originally decried as a poor piece of wine-making transform into liquid gold?


Great Thoroughbred

Studs of Australia

Reveals the stories behind the men and women who manage Australia’s top stud farms and their famous horses.


The Life and Art of Edgar Turner Sheppard - cover-CL Creations.jpg

The Life & Art of

Edgar Turner Sheppard

A testament to Richard Sheppard’s grandfather and the paintings which were discovered after his death in 1956.


The-Blue - cover - CL Creations.jpg
Look Inside


Published to ensure the UN’s International Year of the Ocean momentum and public awareness of ocean issues continue.

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